Direct response copywriting training

Direct response copywriting training can help you to get more sales leads and make more sales. Direct response marketing includes direct mailshots, e-shots, telemarketing and advertisements. In some instances, a sale can be made on the spot. Alternatively, the objective may be to generate a response which moves the sales process forward.

Direct response marketing is used by enterprises of every size. Nigel Temple can show you how to write effective marketing communications pieces – based on over 30 years of practical experience with thousands of clients.

A key element is the headline (or Subject line, within an email). Nigel can show you to create lots of ideas for headlines – which is part of the secret of successful direct response writing.

The training can include:
► Choosing the right blend of direct marketing techniques
► Working out the central proposition and benefits
► How to structure your direct marketing piece
► Creating drafts for 1 or 2 sample pieces
► Direct response advertisements
► Direct mail copywriting
► Direct response email marketing

Direct response copywriting can be delivered as an in-house training workshop, 1-2-1 coaching or a talk to groups of any size.

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