Copywriting training for traditional marketing communication

Traditional marketing communication is largely print based. Learn how to write effective copy for:

* Advertisements
* Articles
* Booklets
* Brochures
* Business cards
* Case studies
* Catalogues
* Direct mailshots
* Exhibition display stands
* Flyers
* Folders
* Newsletters
* Packaging
* Postcards
* Posters
* Press releases
* Takes ones
* Etc

Each item of marketing collateral has its own quirks, doesn’t it? Nigel has written marketing copy for all forms of traditional promotion. He can show you how to improve readership rates, engagement and results throughout your promotional mix.

To find out more, or request a quick quote, by all means get in touch.

From outside the UK call:  +441628773128

Within the UK call:  01628773128


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