7 tips for part time copywriters

Is copywriting part of your job?  Perhaps you have a marketing role which includes writing, or you are a business owner who needs to promote your brand through the written word.

Here are some tips on which may help.

1. Begin your day by writing 150 words. Do this before you open your emails.

2. Write every morning for the next 21 business days. This will help you to get into the habit of writing.

3. When you write the first draft, don’t edit your work. Just write. Come back later and review your words.

4. Keep a (paper) notebook with you at all times. Use it to jot down ideas.

5. Read books. (Professional writers are avid readers).

6. Find a mentor who is good with English. Ask them if they would give you some feedback on your copy.

7. Read books on copywriting, as well as online tips and advice.

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