Write in the language of benefits

It is all too easy, when you are writing ‘marketing words’ to focus on features. Every product or service has its own set of attributes and listing them is easy. Sadly, customers don’t buy features – they buy the benefit that the feature delivers.

Benefits are the real reasons that people spend their hard earned cash on goods and services. For example, what do supermarkets really sell? The ansewer is Convenience. What do clothing retailers sell? Confidence. What do the perfume makers sell? Think about it!

Here is an explanation of the difference between Features, Advantages and Benefits.

A feature of a tablet computer is that it has a battery. The advantages include the fact that you can use it wherever you want and that you can use the tablet when it is convenient for you. The benefits include:

* Instant computing power whenever you need it
* Can be used wherever you happen to be
* Instant access to the internet

People only really buy benefits – not features. This fact still doesn’t seem to have filtered down to telesales people – who sometimes manage to get through to me on the phone. They drone on about the features of whatever they are selling. Seldom do I hear any genuine benefits that are relevant to my needs.

If you produce benefits lists for your company, products and services – you will find that your writing has greater impact on your customers.


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